Learn About Handicaps

The articles below will help you gain a more in-depth understanding of the handicap system and how handicaps make the game of golf more fun. So dive in and then share what you learn!

Questions about handicapping? Send an email to handicap@myewga.com.

Why Do I Need a Handicap?

Learn some of the ways a Handicap can make the game of golf more fun!

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How is My Handicap Calculated?

Get all the facts behind the numbers. It's not as complicated as you think.

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Course Handicaps and Equitable Stroke Control

How the handicap system keeps those nasty blow-up holes from mangling your Index. It's a good thing.

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Using Your Handicap in Stroke Play - The Fun Begins!

Now that you've got the math down, let's put it use on the course.

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Using Your Handicap in Match Play - More Fun!

Never played a Match Play format? Once you've read this, you'll be saying "Bring it on!"

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What is a Course Rating?

Learn all the factors that are considered when calculating a Course Rating.

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How Do I Post My Scores?

Get the straight skinny on how to access the handicap system and post your scores!

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